"What's a Memory Mate?" and Other Mysteries of Life

Look to the left.  A memory mate is the standard souvenir product offered by almost all youth sports photographers. It usually consists of a 3½″x5″ individual portrait and 5″x7″ team photo combined in a sports memento folio.  But our memory mates are different.  We have fully customized 8×10 prints combining team and individual photos with sport-related graphics, customized for each league, each season.

When will photos from my event be online?

Our goal is to have photos uploaded for viewing and purchase 2-3 business days after an event. Occasionally shooting multiple events in a short time frame may cause a delay of a day or two.  We understand your eagerness to view photos of your event, and work to make sure your photos are available as soon as possible.

How long do photos stay in your system?

Photos from most events remain available for one year.

How much does a camera like that cost?

A lot. 

Our coach missed the team photo.  Can you Photoshop him in?

No.  Well, actually, yes, we can, but, no, we won’t.  We can’t guarantee the results because we can’t ensure the quality of the picture you submit, and sales from that one photo won’t cover the cost of the time it takes to do a great edit. 

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