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Recent Events

2019-2020 Penn Fusion Teams


Sept.23. 2019

Kildare's Field

West Chester, PA

WCUSC Spring 2019



Multiple Fields

West Chester, PA

WCUSC Winter Indoor


Feb. 16, 2019

United Sports

Downingtown, PA

East Coast ID Showcase


Feb. 15-16, 2019

United Sports

Downingtown, PA

Downingtown East Ice Hockey Club

Downingtown East High School Ice Hockey Club Team Individual Photo Power Play Rink Exton PA

Feb. 10, 2019

Power Play Rink

Exton, PA

WCUSC Winter Indoor


Feb. 9, 2019

United Sports

Downingtown, PA

About Us


Our Background

Brandywine Digital founder Leo Volz has been involved in sports photography since the early 1990s and technology much longer than that.    Combining his love for photography and his expertise working with computers and networks, he launched Brandywine Digital in 2003 as a way of expressing his personal vision using computers to control the imaging process.

Brandywine Digital Sample Photos

What we do...

We boast that you would be hard pressed to find a sport we haven’t covered, but one was brought to our attention not long ago – lumberjacking and timber sports.    If you’re reading this and you run a timber sports series, give us a call.    We have a gap in our portfolio to fill.    And if you’re involved in a more mundane sport, you can call us, too.

Some Samples of our work
Brandywine Digital's Staff

...and who does it.

Brandywine Digital comprises a staff of seasoned photographers and eager assistants all of whom share one goal: to produce the best sports images possible using digital camera technology and photo processing.

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